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Hair transplant in Chennai,

methods with the complete process and precautions

Baldness directly impacts your confidence, and in most cases, it’s because of heredity that cannot be restored naturally. So, surgeons use an advanced technique to take the hair from a donor area, mainly from the back of your head and implant them in the affected area.

The implanted hairs shred with time but trigger the affected area’s hair to grow naturally. Clinics have a success rate of over 95%, and it looks so natural that even your barber cannot identify if you have undergone a hair transplant.

However, there are still some chances of failure if an inexperienced team performs the surgery. That’s why looking for someone trustworthy to operate on your scalp is recommended.

Unique Hair Gro Hair Transplant Clinic is one such facility that provides the best. hair transplant in Chennai Our clinic is at Near koyambedu I – 133 MMDA Colony Main Rd, SIDCO Industrial Estate, MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106.

You can connect with us anytime to learn more about the process and line of treatment. We are a team of highly experienced surgeons and staff who can help you with the best advice.

Available methods for hair transplant in Chennai

Not only in Chennai but globally, surgeons follow one of the two techniques to operate on your scalp and give you a natural look. FUE and FUT. Both have their pros and cons, but most people go with FUE.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It’s an old-school process where a strip or a patch of tissue is taken from the back of your head and implanted in the affected area. The wound recovers with time but takes more time to heal than the process mentioned above.

This technique is advisable for people with minimal hairs in the donor area where surgeons carefully remove the patch to implant. The process takes 10 to 12 days to heal, but it has a higher rate of follicle survival and is necessary to perform in some cases. You can always contact us to know the correct line of treatment.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

It simply means taking individual hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them where strands are thin or absent. This method has gained popularity because hairs are picked and planted randomly, providing a much-needed natural effect. Hard to get along with other techniques.

  1. Manual FUE hair transplant – Performed manually by surgeons where they use a handheld device to pick individual hairs.
  2. Robotic FUE procedure – The exact process is done using an ARTAS robot. A marvel in medical technology that provides with best unparallel precision and accuracy.

It’s considered the best method for hair transplant in Chennai, providing you with natural-looking hair, no pain during treatment or after, and a short recovery time with minimal scarring at the donor area. We are the best hair transplant clinic in Chennai and can help you with this process.

The process

Before performing a transplant, our surgeon will thoroughly clean your scalp and numb the area using local anaesthesia. That means you can see the complete treatment but will not feel the pain. The process is different for methods.


  • The surgeon will make tiny holes in your scalp using a needle and gently place hairs in each of these holes taken from the donor area.
  • A single sitting last for approx. 4 hours in which he / she can implant hundreds of even thousands of hair strands.
  • After treatment, your donor area will be covered with bandages to be removed after ten days of surgery.

In grade 7 cases, You may need three to four sessions to get the desired look and several months for each transplant to fully heal.


  • The surgeon will use a scalpel to cut a piece of scalp from the donor area carefully. Typically, of several inches.
  • Soon after incision, they will close the wound using stitches.
  • Next, the surgeon will separate tiny parts from the piece of the scalp using a needle or scalpel. These tiny pieces will be implanted in the affected area to achieve a natural growth of hair.


We will prescribe you the vital medication needed for the healing process. It includes painkillers, anti-inflammatory medicines and antibiotics. The healing would take a few days, and the transplanted hairs will fall out within 3 to 4 weeks.

Most patients see the new hair growth 4 to 8 months after surgery. It gives you a natural look, and the prescribed medicines reduce hair loss.

There are hardly any complications, but you may notice bleeding, swelling of the scalp, numbness, itching, etc. All these complications will vanish away with time.

Frequently Asked

More questions

Initially, The transplanted hair will fall out within 3-4 weeks of implantation but will promote natural hair growth after six months that last for a lifetime.

Yes, once natural growth starts, it continues to grow as you age. But similar to natural hairs, they may gradually stop producing as many hairs as they used to.

No, with the help of local anesthesia, our surgeons will numb the required area. You will see the process but won’t feel any pain. Medications will help to deal with pain after sitting. It’s a painless process.

Yes, because the transplanted hairs will fall out within a few weeks and leave you with naturally growing hair that even your barber won’t be able to identify.

The cost depends on several factors and the number of sittings, but in India, the average price is around ₹57,500 minimum. You can connect with us to know the exact cost.

We just have scratched the surface in this article. In reality, the line of treatment and process differs from patient to patient. We need to identify your exact condition to prescribe you a personalised treatment and cost.

Unique Hair Grow Hair Transplant Clinic provides the best hair transplant in Chennai. We assure you of safe and result-oriented treatment. Please connect that we can provide you with better help.

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