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Best chemical peels in Chennai

Treatment, cost, and benefits

We all have beautiful and bouncy skin during teenage or early adulthood, but it tends to get dry, wrinkly and dull as we age. It’s a natural process that will happen someday; it happens earlier for those who don’t care for their skin.

Chemical peeling helps eliminate this problem (up to an extent). During treatment, doctors use chemicals to remove the upper layer of your skin, revealing the softer, healthier, shiny skin underneath. The process can be light, medium, and deep.

Although there are hardly any side effects, you might get rashes, uneven skin, irritation, swelling, dark skin tone, etc., because of a poorly done job.

We can help you with the best chemical peels in Chennai at Unique Hair Grow Hair Transplant Clinic. Our clinic has handled many clients with a fantastic success rate. Our experienced team of experts takes extreme care in performing the process and provides you with personalised care.

Type of Chemical peels

Based on your skin type, damage and expected results, three types of chemical peels are used during treatment.

Superficial Peels

These are the lightest peels that only penetrate the outermost layer of your skin. It includes alpha-hydroxy acid that’s best to exfoliate your skin gently.

Medium peels

These peels include trichloroacetic or glycolic acid that quickly penetrates the outermost layer of your skin and reaches the medium layer. It’s recommended for the removal of damaged skin cells.

Deep peels

These peels include phenol or trichloroacetic acid that can easily penetrate the middle layer of your skin and helps to remove acne and damaged skin cells. It’s an intense process; in most cases, the deep peel can only be done once.

The Process for Chemical Peels

As mentioned, there can be three types of chemical peeling light, medium, and deep. Our doctors will examine your skin’s damage and recommend the best chemical peels in Chennai.

Light peels

It is recommended for people with minimum skin damage; doctors use a cotton ball or a light brush to apply chemicals. Slowly your skin will start whitening, and you will feel a stinging sensation after completion. Will remove the chemical and apply a neutralising solution.

Medium peels

The doctor will apply a chemical solution to your skin. The solution may contain glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid; at times, they also have a blue colour, known as the blue peel. After application, your skin will whiten, and the doctor will apply a cold compress to reduce the burning sensation. You don’t need a neutralising solution for medium peel, but we will help you with a hand-held fan to cool your skin.

Deep peels

It’s needed for most damaged skin types. Before starting the process, doctors will sedate your skin and apply phenol to it. Your skin will turn white or Gray. We try to complete the process as soon as possible, usually within 10-15 minutes, to limit skin exposure to acid.

After the process

After going through the best chemical peels in Chennai, you can expect glowing skin once your skin is completely healed. However, the benefits and time for healing vary depending on the peel you have gone through.


  1. Light peelsYou will recover within seven days with little whiter or darker skin.
  2. Medium peelsInitially, your skin will swell and form crusts. The recovery time is almost the same, but the redness will stay for months.
  3. Deep peelsDeep peel causes severe redness and swelling, leaves a burning sensation, and your eyelids will swell shut. It takes almost two weeks for new skin to develop, and the white spots and cysts may last several weeks.

Benefits of Chemical peeling

Most people don’t need deep peel, and the other two methods on the list are pretty easy to conduct and heal fast. Leaves you with much better skin than before. Here are some proven benefits.

  1. Acne

Chemical peeling removes all kinds of acne on the upper and medium layers of your skin. It removes pimples, dead skin cells, and oils or clogs hair follicles. It also reduces the scars and marks and gives you smooth skin.

  1. Enlarges the pores

It removes the excess oil and dirt from your face, opening and enlarging the pores. It helps your skin to breathe and look more vibrant. Even the enlarged pores are less noticeable.

  1. It’s Safe

Don’t freak out at the thought of applying chemicals to your face. The chemicals used in the process are derived from natural sources and are safe to use on the skin. These chemicals can be used on any skin type.

Frequently Asked

More questions

Light peels last for one or two months; medium peels will last for five to six months, while the results of deep peels last forever.

Yes, many people notice the benefits after first peeling. It improves the skin tone and reduces marks, acne and pimples

There is nothing to worry about because we use natural acids to treat your skin, performed by experienced doctors. There is minimal risk of failures; even if side-effect happens, they disappear within a few days.

The average price of chemical peels in India is around ₹4,500 to ₹5,500. However, we can provide you with the best deal. It depends on your skin damage and sittings required.

The common side effects include Redness, scabbing and swelling post implementary hyperpigmentation (PIH). The redness stays for several months, but usually, it’s not very intense.

Chemical peeling is a simple skin treatment that we conduct in our Unique Hair Grow Hair transplant Clinic, which is at Near koyambedu I – 133 MMDA Colony Main Rd, SIDCO Industrial Estate, MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106.

The clinic already has many satisfied customers who were able to gain confidence after treatment. Even you are just one call away from glowing skin. Please connect with us so we can help you with the best chemical peels in Chennai at an affordable cost.

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