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FUE hair transplant in Chennai

Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) is an advanced hair transplanting technique where surgeons use a hand-held device or a robot to extract individual hair follicles from one part of your skin to move them to another position where the hairs are thin or absent.

The technique is a new marvel in an industry that replaced the old process of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), where surgeons used to cut a small patch from the donor area to transplant in the affected area. It leaves you patches of hair and a high risk of infection, but FUE is considered a much safer process.

Most people go with this process these days, and if you are facing baldness and looking for the best FUE hair transplant in Chennai, then Unique Hair Grow Hair transplant Clinic can help you. We have highly experienced surgeons with a higher success rate and assure you of the best treatment at a much more affordable cost.

Who is an ideal person for a transplant?

As you grow older, the phases of your hair cycle’s regrowth shorten until it reaches a level of no hair growth at all. Some people lose their hair in the early stages of life, like in the ’20s, because of heredity, poor diet, disease, etc.

If you are facing a similar condition and have enough hair in the donor area, you are an ideal candidate for an FUE hair transplant in Chennai.

Procedure for FUE hair transplant

It is better than a FUT transplant, shows fewer side effects and injuries, and you can continue working after the surgery. Here is what you can expect during your hair transplant.

  • First, the surgeon will shave down your hairs in both the donor and affected area and clean it before starting the procedure.
  • Then, they will use a micro punch tool to remove follicles from your skin carefully.
  • Your surgeon will make tiny incisions (holes) in the affected area where they will implant the extracted follicles.
  • In a single sitting, they might transplant hundreds or even thousands of hair follicles depending on the damage and your look requirements.
  • After the process, surgeons will clean the area and apply bandages for recovery.

In most cases, hair transplant surgery can be done within one single session over the course of two days. If the patient is a poor donor, it may take two to three sessions for complete transplantation.

After treatment

Although our surgeons will help you with specific directions after the surgery, here is a list of standard precautions everyone must take after the FUE hair transplant.

  • Refrain from covering your head with bandages for a very long period. Allow it to ventilate freely for fast healing.
  • Focus on a relaxing lifestyle. Please don’t take too much stress for at least 2 to 3 weeks of surgery.
  • Do not smoke or consume alcoholic drinks after 2 to 3 weeks of surgery.
  • Don’t take blood thinners or vitamin tablets for at least two weeks after surgery.

The surgery will be normal, and doctors will sedate your scalp with local anaesthesia so that you can watch the entire process but won’t feel any pain. Even it doesn’t take much time to heal, and most patients continue their normal lifestyle after 1-2 days of the surgery.

We take regular follow up from our patients, so if you face any issue, we are just one call away.


FUE hair transplant surgeries have a success rate of more than 90%, where most patients find their hair regrowing after 4 to 6 months. Some other benefits include

  1. Undetectable Scarring

Each follicle is directly plucked from the source and poses fewer scarring risks. Even if it’s there, it will be unnoticeable and hide beneath other hairs. The surgery will be so clean that even your barber will fail to identify it. It’s excellent for people willing to keep their hair short.

  1. Less discomfort

In FUT treatment, surgeons cut and seal a small part of your skin with stitches. Indeed, it comes with discomfort and the risk of complications, but it doesn’t exist in FUE treatments. Even if you face pain, it won’t last more than a week.

  1. Cost effective

Most people faced the problem of baldness, but they never went for surgery because earlier, the surgery was expensive and cost a ton. However, this method is cost-effective and will fit most of your budget. Also, multiple sittings will be required so that you can pay in instalments.

  1. Fast recovery

Most patients resume everyday work life the following day. Usually, all your wounds will heal within a week without much discomfort.

Frequently Asked

More questions

Hair transplant surgery will take 2 days and 4 to 6 hours per day with regular meal intervals like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are hardly any side effects, but you might face problems like swelling, itching, numbness and falling of transplanted hairs. However, all these symptoms usually vanish in one or two weeks.

If the donor follicles enable healthy growing, the transplanted hairs can last for a lifetime. The transplanted hair will fall within a few weeks, but the ones that grow after stay for long.

The average cost of an FUE hair transplant in India is around ₹55k to ₹60k. Prices depend on several factors like several sittings, damage, etc.

No, it’s not at all painful. During the process, surgeons will numb the part using local anaesthesia and help you with pain killers so that you won’t feel any pain afterwards.

FUE is an advanced hair transplant process, but success largely depends on how effectively it’s done. Unique Hair Grow Hair transplant Clinic has well-trained, highly experienced surgeons who can efficiently conduct the process to deliver the best FUE hair transplant in Chennai. Please connect with us for more personalised explanations. We assure you of the best treatment.

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