Dandruff Treatment

Best Dandruff treatment in Chennai

Best dandruff treatment in Chennai

Process, Cost and Results

Nearly half of the world’s population is currently suffering from the problem of dandruff. It’s common, and most of you have suffered from the same at some point in your life. That’s why many brands focus on treating dandruff which hardly works.

What is uncommon is continuously suffering from dandruff, red scalp from scratching, losing hairs and not getting any solution even after trying multiple products. If you are the one facing it, you surely need professional help for treatment.

Unique Hair Grow Hair transplant Clinic can help you with the best dandruff treatment in Chennai. We are a team of professionals that helps you with the best treatment and provides you with the right advice and assistance.

What exactly is dandruff?

Dandruff is a standard skin condition on your scalp, causing itchiness and dry skin flakes. It mostly happens in the cold season when your skin dries and shreds. It’s usual, and almost everyone has faced the problem of dandruff in their life.

However, some people have more sensitive skin that reacts to dandruff, intensifying the problem. There are various home remedies and products that anyone can use; if nothing happens and the condition worsens, it is good to connect with a dermatologist, or else your hair will start coming out with time.

How do we diagnose it?

There can be various methods to diagnose dandruff, but the prominent reason is the contact of excess oil on the scalp with Malassezia (a type of yeast/fungus). Everyone naturally has this yeast on their scalp, but the level rises when your scalp produces excess oils, causing visible flakes known as dandruff.

Our physicians can diagnose dandruff by looking at your scalp but will surely ask you some questions to identify the intensity of damage and prescribe the best dandruff treatment in Chennai.

  • For how long have you been facing this problem?
  • What shampoo or hair products do you use, diet, and hair care routine?
  • Are you allergic to something or exposed to excess dirt?

After figuring out the exact problem, we will help you with a suitable dandruff treatment.

The Treatment

There is no permanent cure for dandruff, but we can treat the symptoms and reduce the effect. It works and will leave you with healthy hair. Also, the dandruff treatment will always come in shampoos, gels, or creams. Although the line of treatment differs from patient to patient, here is what the standard treatment looks like.


  1. The doctor will suggest an anti-dandruff shampoo that includes zinc ketoconazole, pyrithione or selenium.
  2. With that, you may be suggested to use some remedies like applying vinegar, diluted tea tree oil, coconut oil, homoeopathic remedies, etc.
  3. If nothing works, we will switch to more advanced treatment, including calcineurin inhibitors or corticosteroids like fluocinolone, which helps suppress the immune response.
  4. Doctors will also recommend a daily medication to help you fight growing dandruff.


Whatever treatment works for you, we will continue the same and ensure that you get the healthiest hairs with no visible skin flakes.


Everyone dreams of having dandruff-free hair where they can wear the dark colour clothes of their choice without any fear of getting pointed out for dandruff falling from their head. Many other benefits include.

  1. Reduces hair fall

Your hairs lose their strength because of dry skin and become more prone to damage. They result in excess hair fall. Usually, it doesn’t happen in everyday situations, but losing hair is a common symptom if you have a medical condition.

  1. Reduces the itchiness

Dandruff happens because of dry skin that irritates. Because of it, you scratch your scalp all day, resulting in a red scalp and intensifying the pre-existing problem. A dandruff treatment will not only help you to reduce the skin flakes but also provide you with relief from itchiness.

  1. Moisturises your scalp and strengthens the roots

A dandruff treatment will help you achieve must softer and bouncy hairs with solid roots that don’t come out quickly. It improves your confidence and reduces the risk of immediate baldness.

Side effects of dandruff treatment

Dandruff treatment usually doesn’t show any side effects. Even the prescribed medication is mild that doesn’t show any harmful effect on other organs. So, it’s safe, but in a rare conditions, you might face the problem of Skin irritation, temporary hair loss, dry skin, oily or dry hair/scalp, etc. Usually, these problems will vanish away with the treatment.

Also, our doctors are experienced in providing the best dandruff treatment in Chennai. So, be assured there won’t be any complications.

Frequently Asked

More questions

Please don’t do that because it only worsens the problem. It will irritate, and continuously scratching will result in a red scalp. It never treats the dandruff problem.

If you have tried multiple shampoos and home remedies, but nothing works. If the situation worsens for more than two weeks, it’s time to consult a doctor.

No dandruff happens because of dryness of the skin; it’s a natural process that cannot be treated completely. However, treatments help to minimise the impact.

It’s very cheap that everyone can afford it. You must pay the physician’s fees and purchase the prescribed medicines, shampoos, etc.

Ordinary dandruff doesn’t cause hair fall but promotes itchiness, making you frequently scratch your scalp. In severe cases it damages the hair follicles and causes hair to fall.

Although dandruff is not a medical emergency, most people don’t even consider it a problem. But it’s good to start treatment before the situation worsens.

Unique Hair Gro Hair transplant Clinic has an excellent success ratio with many satisfied patients. Just give us a call for a consultation, and we will make sure to provide you with the best dandruff treatment in Chennai.

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