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A Beard transplant is similar to a hair transplant, where surgeons take hair follicles from one part of your body, especially from the back of your head and implant them in the affected area. FUE and FUT are two commonly followed procedures where FUE is widely followed.

If you are struggling with uneven stubble growth and unable to treat it with natural oil and products available on the market, then it’s time to think about a beard transplant. But please take care because it always comes with a risk of scar, only a qualified and experienced surgeon can help you with the best results.

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Who is an ideal candidate?

If you always dreamed of having the perfect beard but failed to get it, you can surely go for a beard transplant, demanding you have enough hair in the donor area. The surgeon usually takes hair follicles from the back of your head.

It doesn’t matter if you lost hair from the front of your head. You still might have some hairs on the back of your head. This makes most men eligible for a beard transplant.

Procedure for beard transplant in Chennai

There are two techniques: FUT and FUE.

In FUT, surgeons will cut a small patch from the back of your head and extract hair follicles from it to transplant, while in FUE, they pluck individual hairs using a hand-held device to implant each hair one by one in your beard lining. Whatever method you choose, this is what the process will look like.

  • First, surgeons will shave and clean the donor area, so the follicles are visible. This makes it easy for them to pluck each hair follicle safely.
  • Once the follicles are harvested, the surgeons will inject an anaesthetic to make the area numb.
  • Then, they will implant each follicle into your facial skin following your requested beard line. You can expect around 4k to 5k hair follicle transplants.

Within a day, you will be recovered from the surgery, and tiny flakes will form around the newly implanted follicles. It’s pretty normal and a sign that you are healing fast. Soon, the flakes will fall within a few weeks, and you can trim normally after 2 to 3 months.

Please remember that transplanted hairs will fall within 2 to 3 weeks, and new hair should grow in that place. Slowly, you will start noticing that your face is full of the beard you always imagined.

After surgery precautions

Although it’s not a major surgery, it automatically heals within a few weeks, and the surgeons will give you individual instructions to take care. But here is what you can normally expect.

  • You must refrain from swimming, smoking, touching or rubbing the implanted area, exposure to direct sunlight or any activity that causes sweat.
  • You must wash your face with clean water but no face wash.
  • Your skin will be itchy, and you will feel a sensation of scratching it, but please refrain from doing so or end up making it worse.

There will be a little swelling and redness, but it’s just because of the implant and will be alright within a few weeks.


Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) is an advanced technique that’s popular nowadays. We even recommend you go with the same because it has several advantages the FUT cannot provide.

  1. Least scarring

When each hair follicle is plucked directly from the source, it leaves almost zero possibility of scars. Even if it’s there, it will be invisible and hide beneath your hair. Also, you don’t have to worry about incisions or stitches in the donor area.

  1. Faster recovery period

Most of our patients continue their normal work life after a few days of transplantation. It looks pretty normal, and no one will be able to identify that you have undergone a beard transplant surgery.

  1. It’s painless

The process is painless because before transplanting, surgeons will numb the donor and affected area using local anaesthesia. After surgery, painkillers will ensure that you feel no pain.

  1. High success rate

When done by an experienced surgeon, beard transplants have a success rate of over 90%. There are extremely high chances of you getting the beard you always wanted.

Frequently Asked

More questions

The average cost of a beard transplant in India is around ₹80,000. The price depends on various factors that differ from patient to patient. However, we can assure you of treatment at an affordable cost.

Beard transplants last forever. You can expect over 90% of transplanted follicles to grow normally for the rest of your life.

No, it’s not at all painful. These days we have highly effective anaesthesias and pain killers that don’t let you feel any pain. So, don’t worry.

Yes, because the transplanted hairs automatically fall out within a few weeks and promote new natural hair growth. The surgery provides natural-looking and permanent results.

There are minimum side effects, but you might feel numbness, redness and swelling for a few days after surgery. However, all the side effects will vanish away with time.

Beard transplants sound easy, but in reality, they are much more complicated because a surgeon has to work on your facial skin, and in case of mis happenings, you have to keep the scars for life. Getting it done by a qualified and experienced surgeon is always recommended.

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